Get ready for a life of adventure!

Professional Dungeons & Dragons™ Dungeon Master in Edinburgh, Scotland


Heard about Dungeons & Dragons™ but don’t know where to start? Want to try a game in a safe, friendly environment with friends or colleagues? You’ve come to the right place…


With over 30 years of experience running & writing games, your Dungeon Master will treat you to an adventure you’ll remember!


From games that last a single session to practice evenings and games featuring a variety of settings – there’s something to suit everyone.


A fun and unique experience where all you need to bring is your

There’s no experience quite like a game of Dungeons & Dragons!

An epic shared story filled with adventure, thrills and laughter that you create with your friends or colleagues. Perfect for an evening of unique entertainment or as a memorable team-building event, it’s an experience you’ll still be talking about long after the game is over.  

And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need anything special to get started. All you need is a Dungeon Master to run the game for you – and that’s where I come in.


Let me take you on an adventure …

My goal is to give you a unique and memorable experience filled with laughter, fun, excitement, intrigue and drama that you and your friends or colleagues will talk about long after the game is over.


I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons since it first launched, and have played it ever since. You don’t need to worry about learning complex rules or reading lengthy books – I’ll explain it all for you in a way that gets the adventure started within minutes!


I’ll provide everything you need to get the most out of your gaming experience. Pencils, paper, characters, books, atmospheric background music – you’ll even get your own set of special dice to play with and that you can keep as a souvenir!


Maybe you and your friends are more interested in sci-fi than fantasy. Perhaps you want a few scares with a horror-themed game. Or maybe you want something  unique tailored just to you. With knowledge of dozens of games, I can run anything you wish!

Flexible packages

Want to try out Dungeons & Dragons and find out if it’s for you? Fancy an ongoing series of games where you see your character grow from greenhorn to hero? Even if you want some dedicated training to learn how to play without committing to a full game – I can help.


What players have said

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what some of my players have said

Awesome game session! I was on the edge of my seat!

Duncan, 34

You’re a great DM, I want to do that again right now!

Mike, 21

I never knew how much fun that could be! I had a great time!

Anna, 38

Let the adventure begin …

Your Dungeon Master

Your Dungeon Master has over 30 years’ experience of running and writing Dungeons & Dragons™ games and adventures. 


Your Dungeon Master

A trained storyteller, fiction author and Dungeon Master with over 30 years’ experience.

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